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40% Off All Inspired Crafts!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Those of you who have been around paper crafting for a while have most likely heard of Paper Glide and Cutter Glide, but for those who are new to this craft, you are probably wondering what they are and what they are used for! They are amazing products that can make your hobby less stressful! These are just two of the amazing products by Inspired Crafts that we have 40% off!

Paper Glide:

Inspired Crafts Paper Glide is an acid-free, dry embossing paper mist. It works great when you are cutting and embossing with The Spellbinders Wizard and other die cutting machines. Paper Glide is especially great for crafters with wrist weakness and hand pain. Less pressure is required to create excellent dry embossed images. Also, kids are enjoying dry embossing, since it’s so easy.

Gliding stylus action creates the best embossed images sharper edges and cleaner images.

No “missed spots” or waxy residue, which can cause adhesives to fail.

Permanent “Treatment”

Will not affect inks or dyes

Dries to an invisible finish

Punches work better on treated paper Scoring and folding is excellent. (no more cracking “binding”) It works great with your Scor-Pal and for creasing and folding all types of cardstock.

As a reminder, Paper Glide is a bonding formula, much like hairspray, spray paint, etc. As such, it is strongly recommended to keep the bottle cap on the sprayer after each use, to keep residue from building up at the opening of the fine-mist sprayer. You can also place a small moist cotton ball inside the clear cap to keep it moist at all times. This really makes a difference!

Cutter Glide:

Inspired Crafts Cutter Glide formula is now being offered in a new, unbreakable brush-tipped bottle, which is perfect for one-handed application with no mess. There is also 10% more formula in this tube than the previous! We are also including the Inspired Crafts EZ tool cleaner in a new two ounce spray bottle offering now twice the amount of product in a more user friendly and refillable container. Apply Cutter Glide to your blade edges after cleaning with the EZ Tool Cleaner. Cutter Glide bonds to the surface after it dries and leaves no oily residue. Use a blow dryer to dry quickly.

This product can be safely used on scissors, knives, rotary blades, trimmers, electronic die cutting blades and will also fix your jammed craft punches.

I used this on one of my punches that I had not used in a long time because it was sooooo hard to push! It worked great! I can now use that punch that I was contemplating thowing away!

Another great product we have reduced 40% is Beacon Adhesive Zip Dry Paper Glue! I love this adhesive!

The Zip Dry Paper Glue is fast drying for fast results on almost all paper types. It never wrinkles paper and dries crystal clear. It is mistake-proof and removes easily when wet without leaving any residue. Zip Dry bonds metal stampings, beads, glitter, wire and other embellishments to paper. It is acid and lignin free for archival quality. It has a special precision applicator top for accuracy. One bottle of Zip Dry goes for 2000 inches.

Helpful Hints:

Glue dries very fast. Apply only one item at a time for best results.
Snip applicator tip as close to top as possible to achieve a fine line of glue.
Apply a thin bead of glue from the edge to avoid seeing the page.
If glue thickens, think with a few drops of paint thinner and turpentine.
Avoid evaporation by always replacing applicator tip with flat cap.
Keep surfaces to be bonded clear and free from dust.
Always use adequate ventilation.

Check out these and many more products on our site!

Thanks and Happy Scrappin’!


New use for Inspired Craft’s Paper Glide!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

I was speaking to Alicia, the owner of Inspired Crafts this morning and she passed along the greatest tip for all you glitter users! If you spray your trays (or whatever container you use for your glitter) with a fine mist of Paper Glide, the glitter just slides right off! No more glitter clinging to the sides, which will save you glitter, which in turn saves you money! And we are all about saving money!

As a reminder, Paper Glide is a bonding formula, much like hairspray, spray paint, etc. As such, it is strongly recommended to keep the bottle cap on the sprayer after each use, to keep residue from building up at the opening of the fine-mist sprayer. You can also place a small moist cotton ball inside the clear cap to keep it moist at all times. This really makes a difference!



Secret TIPS and TECHNIQUES for using Spellbinders Dies

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

So I’m sure you are always looking for a better way to take care of those dies and use them better. Well here is a little hint for your Spellbinders dies: run your die through your machine with wax paper first. The wax paper leaves a nice little coating on your die that helps release the paper without tearing. If you are having a “dirty die issue”, use the Inspired Craft EZ Cleaner. Dies look like new and it gets rid of any marks on your papercraft or scrapbooking project!

Here you can also see all Inspired Crafts products for helping those die-cutting machines and dies stay clean and last longer. Or click here to read more about eco-friendly products for scrapbooking:

Hope this helps!

Inspired Crafts is green!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I had a customer write and ask about how eco-friendly the Inspired Crafts products are.  My customer has a friend who is super allergic to everything! I asked Alicia Burgett, the owner of Inspired Crafts, and I was so impressed with her answer and with the Inspired Craft products itself, I wanted to post her reply for all for to read. Alicia and her husband, Dave, are really what being a caring, innovative small business is about! Here is her reply:

I have received your request for information from Marcie at Cut @ Home re our product, PaperGlide.  I am happy to help you with what you need to know:

  1. We have nothing that resembles Latex in any of our products.
  2. We have been notified by retailers and customers around the nation that many crafters with chemical sensitivities enjoy using our products, with absolutely no adverse effects.
  3. Understanding that these types of allergies can be different in each individual, we strongly recommend that your friends wear non-latex gloves whenever they work with ANY formulations in any capacity, and always in a well-ventilated area.  I can only assume they already know this, but David, our inventor, insisted that I point this out.  J
  4. I am unable to list each ingredient in our products, as they are proprietary formulations (trade secret), but can assure you that we know we don’t have to have an ASTM standard stated on our labels, as there is nothing in our products that would warrant that type of disclosure.  For many, that is very good news!

We appreciate your concern for your friends, and sincerely hope that this helps you in your decision to purchase PaperGlide. 

One last thing I would like to offer, and that is in how to minimize exposure to your friends.  Imagine holding the bottle of PaperGlide in your hand, facing away from you.  Spritz the formula into the air and then “waft” the cardstock through the mist, much like with perfume.  One to two ‘wafts’ is all it takes to treat the cardstock before embossing or scoring.  If your friends are really nervous about exposure, they might try holding the cardstock with long-handled tweezers or something like that.  The point is, very little, if any, of the mist would come in contact with the skin this way.  A little PaperGlide goes a long way!  We also strongly recommend placing the cap back on the bottle right away, to avoid any potential clogging. 

Again, I hope this helps you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have any further questions or concerns.  We believe very strongly in customer support!

 Let’s support Inspired Crafts and show how much we appreciate their efforts in making quality products!



Spellbinders “dirty edge die issue”

Friday, July 25th, 2008

There is a problem with some of the Spellbinders dies leaving a residue behind. Here is what Stacey Caron recently posted on SCS:

“First, I would like to personally thank everyone for your comments and patience while Spellbinders looked into the “dirty edge die issue”. After speaking with our factory, reviewing samples sent in from various split coast stamping members and extensively testing the dies it has become evident that in some cases the paint on Spellbinders dies may flake off on or near the cutting edges of the dies.
The Spellbinders dies are chemically etched dies. They are painted the Copper color for cosmetic purposes only. When using ANY chemically etched die in conjunction with a ROLLER or PRESS machine, it is NORMAL due to the extreme PRESSURE exerted in the machines for some of the color to come off the edges of cutting surfaces of the dies. This includes ALL CHEMICALLY ETCHED DIES including the Silver ones which we have also observed and tested extensively. The reason this is more noticeable with Spellbinders dies is due to the Copper Coloring. Again, the color coming off the dies is strictly cosmetic only and in no way effects the performance or strength of Spellbinders dies.

Kindest regards,
Stacey Caron
President, Spellbinders Paper Arts LLC”

Stacey recommends cleaning your dies with a cleaning solvent and a soft bristle toothbrush to take care of the problem. We recommend the EZ Tool Cleaner by Inspired Crafts. It cleans all dies and rubber stamps beautifully. It is awesome! Please check out this product on our website.

Thanks and have a great weekend~ see you Monday!


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