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FAQ about Letterpress printing

How do I use the L Letterpress?

1. Open the letterpress and place an adhesive-backed printing plate on the clear lid.
2. Ink the printing plate evenly with the brayer tool.
3. Place paper in desired location on base of letterpress tool. (Use registration grid and Paper Placement Guides for greater accuracy and alignment.)
4. Close lid and roll letterpress through Epic tool. (For a deeper impression, add additional packing sheets.)

SEE A VIDEO DEMO ON THE LETTERPRESS MACHINE:  See Quickutz Instructions for Letterpress Printing.

How do I prep the printing plate?

1. Remove liner from double-sided adhesive sheet on one side only.
2. Place printing plate on sticky side of adhesive sheet.
3. Use scissors to cut around the edge of the printing plate.
4. When ready to use, remove the liner from back of printing plate and stick plate on clear lid of the L Letterpress.

How do I apply the ink?

1. Place a small amount of ink on ink base.
2. Roll brayer tool through ink until evenly coated.
3. Roll brayer lightly over printing plates until evenly coated.

*Very little ink is required to achieve a quality print. If projects are not drying well, there may be too much ink on the plates.

How do I create custom colors?

Mix inks using the palette knife found in the Accessory Tool Kit to create a myriad of eye-catching colors.

How do I clean off the ink?

Ink can be removed from ink base, brayer and plates with L Cleaning Cloths.

How do I position the plate?

1. Place adhesive-backed printing plate in desired location on clear L Letterpress lid.
2. Establish where paper should go on clear packing of L Letterpress base and stick placement guides next to paper to hold in place.
3. With guides in place, easily place paper in the exact location for multiple prints of one design.

How do I change the depth of the impression?

The depth of impression of the printing plate can be adjusted by adding or removing packing sheets. One packing sheet comes with the L letterpress tool. Simply use plain white printed paper if additional packing is necessary.

To achieve a deeper impression, add additional sheets of paper below the clear packing mat on the L Letterpress base. To reduce the depth of impression, simply remove sheets.

If the printed impression is not as crisp as desired, try removing packing sheets or make sure you’re using the correct inking technique.

Can I use other types of ink with my L Letterpress?

The L Letterpress Ink has a specially formulated tacky texture, which will give your design a crisp and clean impression. Other inks are often water-based and may run beyond the line of your debossed image.

Can I use any type of paper with my letterpress projects?

Letterpressing is characterized by its impression on soft, thick paper. Our L Letterpress paper was created to give you the best possible impression. Though other papers may reflect your design, it may not have the same deep impression into the paper which defines the letterpress style.

Can I use any type of cleaning cloths?

The L Letterpress Cleaning Cloth is best able to remove the thick, tacky, oil-based ink from both the ink base and the printing plate. Though other cleaning cloths will not hurt the product, they will not clean as thoroughly.

How long does my finished project take to dry?

Your finished project should completely dry within just a few minutes from when it was pressed.

Can I use embossing folders with the L Letterpress?

The L Letterpress was not designed for use with embossing folders. Typical letterpress projects show an impression on only one side of the paper. If you use embossing folders, the impression will be visible on both sides of the paper.

Courtesy of Lifestyle Crafts, which is a part of the Quickutz, Inc. family of crafting products

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