Giving back
The Cut@Home charity is the Zambia Scholarship Fund . This charity provides a unique Cycle of Education program that really works in one of the poorest countries in Africa!

Through Zambia's Scholarship Fund, they provide the following:
  • A monthly salary for teachers to teach in poor and rural community schools.
  • Scholarships for students to attend high school.
  • Encouragement for high school students to become teachers by sponsoring them at a two year teacher's college.
  • Support of existing schools.
Sending a high school student to school in Zambia is affordable and rewarding! High school is not free in Zambia, so sadly only 25% of rural village children can afford a high school education. Learning English opens doors for a brighter future, for only $300.00US a year! YOU can really make a difference in providing the funds to have more Zambian children educated. For more information, please visit their website.

100% of the funds donated from our shopping cart are sent directly to this charity.
There are no management fees attached to this fund from Cut@Home, so be generous Cut@Home crafters.

Donations are accepted on the check-out page. Click on the blue arrow next to the word "choose", select your dollar amount, then click on "Add Donation". It's that simple!